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sendshredimageSend-N-Shred is Shred-N-Go, Inc's solution to provide SECURE document destruction for our customers that work remotely from home or at any other remote location. This cost effective service gives us the ability to deliver a way that allows our customers to comply with privacy laws and regulations to keep their documents secure. This service is designed for shipment of your confidential company documents from your remote location directly to our shredding facility via the highly secure shipping of FedEx or UPS.
How Send-N-Shred Works:
  1. The customer or employee calls our office at 763-551-4800 or sends an email to request Send-N-Shred service.
  2. We then email or mail you a prepaid shipping label (FedEx or UPS) and a Service Ticket for each box of documents that needs shredding.
  3. The customer or employee then packages the confidential material into their cardboard box or boxes, includes a Service Ticket inside each box, seals each box, attaches the shipping label to each box, and contacts us when it is ready to be picked up or calls FedEx or UPS for pick up. Each box must not to weight more than 50 pounds.
  4. FedEx or UPS will pick up and deliver the box or boxes to our facility in Rogers, MN.
  5. After the documents are securely destroyed, we send you a Certificate of Destruction along with our service invoice.
Benefits of Send-N-Shred:
  • Send-N-Shred makes it easy for the customer or their employee to send confidential records for destruction from their home office or other remote location.
  • Send-N-Shred is a cost effective and secure way to destroy confidential documents.
  • Send-N-Shred is efficient for low-volume documents.
  • Send-N-Shred destruction done at your convenience or it can be set up pre-determined scheduled basis.
  • FedEx or UPS tracking numbers are provided so you can track when your documents are securely delivered to our shredding facility.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided after the documents are shredded that shows your company is in compliance with all applicable privacy laws and regulations.
Contact our office today about our secure Send-N-Shred service.

Shred-N-Go, Inc's. mission is to provide the most secure, cost-effective, on-site mobile document destruction service available in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.

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